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Criminal cases involve a number of procedural stages for challenging charges, convictions, and sentence. Proceedings for post-conviction relief are generally the final step for raising such challenges after all appeals have been exhausted. Generally, a person convicted of a crime has only one opportunity to pursue post-conviction relief. Therefore, that motion needs to be handled successfully the first and only time. Through a successful petition for post-conviction relief, you may be able to reopen your case, vacate the conviction, modify the jail sentence or fine, or obtain a new trial or appeal. Post-conviction relief is an important safeguard for protecting constitutional rights, but must be handled by an experienced attorney who is familiar with the complex nature of post-conviction litigation.

At Hale & Associates, a criminal defense law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, our post-conviction relief lawyers have extensive experience handling these types of proceedings at both the state and federal levels. Our extensive trial and appellate experience also enhances our post-conviction practice. We excel at analyzing cases and developing creative legal arguments in order to achieve positive results for our clients.

Our attorneys have dedicated their careers exclusively to criminal defense. We have handled thousands of criminal cases.

A Wealth Of Experience Handling All Types Of State And Federal Crimes

We represent clients seeking post-conviction relief from any type of felony or misdemeanor conviction, including:

Our founding attorney, a former Assistant Federal Public Defender, has experience handling appeals and post-conviction proceedings for clients facing the death penalty. Associate Attorney Daniel Blau is a former judicial Law Clerk at the North Carolina Court of Appeals where he drafted opinions on behalf of judges of the Court of Appeals. We have also prepared petitions for writs of habeas corpus as well as petitions for writs of certiorari to have cases heard by the United States Supreme Court.

We have obtained successful results for clients in post-conviction relief proceedings. For example:

  • We reversed a client's murder conviction and death sentence on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.
  • We obtained a reduced sentence and release from jail for a client convicted of armed robbery, burglary, drug possession, and kidnapping who originally received a life sentence.
  • We vacated a conviction for a client charged with larceny.
  • We vacated convictions and obtained dismissal of the charges for a client convicted of check fraud.

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