Felony DWI Attorneys Defending Your Freedom

Most DWIs are charged as misdemeanors in North Carolina. However, some DWI offenses are felony crimes. If you injure or kill someone while driving impaired, you could be charged with a felony DWI. If you have multiple DWI convictions, you could be charged as a habitual offender. If convicted, you will face severe penalties including the real possibility of prison time.

At the law firm of Hale Blau & Saad, we vigorously defend people facing felony DWI charges, including:

  • Felony serious injury by motor vehicle
  • Death by motor vehicle
  • Habitual DWI

Our attorneys understand the law and the many possible defenses that can produce successful outcomes in DUI cases. We will fight for your rights and freedom at all stages of the legal process.

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Trial Experience Can Make A Difference

Have you been charged with a felony DWI? Your freedom and your future are on the line. Now is the time to retain the services of an extraordinary DWI defense attorney.

Steven Saad has handled thousands of DWI cases as a prosecutor and defense lawyer. He understands how to properly assess the issues in a DWI case and how to present compelling defenses at trial.

In the majority of felony DWI cases, trial is inevitable and plea bargains are rare. There is no substitute for trial experience, and during such trials, there is no room for error. With Steven Saad on your side, you can feel confident knowing that an experienced trial lawyer is fighting for your rights and freedom.

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