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North Carolina has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drivers consuming alcohol or drugs. If you are arrested for driving with any level of alcohol or illegal drugs in your system, you will receive an immediate pretrial license suspension of 30 days. If you are convicted, your driver's license will be suspended for one year, plus you will suffer additional penalties, including possible jail time and a fine.

Hale & Blau, Attorneys at Law, PC is a law firm that vigorously defends young people arrested for DWI in the Raleigh area and Wake County. We have a record of success in DWI cases involving challenging factual and legal issues, and we are determined to obtain the best possible outcome for every client. When you retain our law firm, we will work hard to minimize the consequences of your arrest.

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Many young people discount the seriousness of a DWI under 21 charge. They don't realize the full effect a conviction will have on their lifestyle, their finances and their ability to drive. But if you are convicted, you may have to go to jail, pay a fine, face sharply higher insurance rates — and your driver's license will be suspended. That's a heavy price to pay.

DWI Charges Can Be Overcome

Even if you blew over .08, it may still be possible to avoid a DWI conviction. Our attorneys will examine all aspects of your case, looking for a way to overcome the charge.

Did the officer have probable cause to stop you? Were the breath tests conducted properly? Were your rights violated during or after your arrest?

These and other facts could result in a dismissal of the charge or a not guilty verdict. If for some reason a conviction cannot be avoided, we will work to minimize the consequences, including getting limited driving privileges for you.

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