License Suspension And DWI Consequences

Just getting arrested for DWI can bring disruption to your life. A conviction will have much greater negative effects on your finances and your ability to earn a living. You may even have to go to jail. You need strong and effective representation to minimize the potential consequences.

Hale & Blau, Attorneys at Law, PC in Raleigh is a law firm that vigorously defends people arrested for first DWIs and subsequent DWI offenses. We work hard to minimize the effects of these charges on the lives of our clients, including the retention of their driving privileges. Remember this important fact — not every DWI arrest results in a conviction. We will seek the best possible outcome for you.

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License Suspensions Following A DWI Arrest And Conviction

At the time of your arrest for DWI, your driver's license will be suspended for 30 days. You may be able to obtain limited driving privileges after 10 days, but that is not certain in every case. As part of our representation, our law firm can prepare and file the petition to obtain limited driving privileges for you. Your limited driving privileges will last from Day 11 following your arrest to Day 30, when you can apply for the restoration of your license.

If you are convicted for a Level III, Level IV or Level V DWI, your license will be suspended again, this time for one year. During this time, it may be possible for you to obtain limited driving privileges.

At Hale & Blau, Attorneys at Law, PC, we work diligently to keep our clients on the road. Let us put our experience and advocacy skills to work for you.

Other DWI Consequences

The consequences of an arrest and conviction for DWI in North Carolina are significant. Though jail time is rare for a first offense without aggravating factors, you could face the possibility of jail for a subsequent offense. Your driver's license will be suspended. You will incur increased insurance premiums of $2,000 or more. You will have to pay a fine, court costs, and the costs of substance abuse evaluation and treatment. And you will have a DWI conviction on your record.

The potential consequences are based on a variety of aggravating or mitigating factors such as:

  • Your prior DWI record
  • Your driving history
  • Your blood-alcohol concentration
  • Whether you caused property damage or injury
  • Whether your impairment was due to a legal prescription medication
  • Whether there was a minor in the vehicle

Our lawyers will thoroughly examine the factual and legal issues in your case and seek to minimize the near- and long-term consequences.

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