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You probably looked forward to college for a number of reasons. Certainly, you had a plan for your future, and the degree you would earn is imperative to reaching your goals. However, no doubt you also anticipated the friends, the freedom and the parties that college promised.

Unfortunately, friends and parties may have not only jeopardized your future, they may have jeopardized your freedom. You realized this when the police arrested you on drug charges.

Facing the potential consequences

No matter the circumstances surrounding your drug arrest, if a court finds you guilty, you have a lot to lose. Depending on the kind and amount of the substance, you may be facing felony charges, which could mean months or years in prison.

A drug conviction, however, may follow you far beyond the walls of a jail cell. Almost immediately, you will begin to experience the long-term effects when Federal Student Aid suspends all of your federal educational funding. In fact, unlike many other crimes that affect your eligibility for financial aid, drug convictions have the most serious consequences:

  • Federal Student Aid will deny you any federal student loans.
  • You will lose your eligibility for Federal Pell Grants.
  • You will probably not receive a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant because Federal Student Aid usually awards them mainly to students receiving Pell Grants.
  • Federal Student Aid will probably deny you a federal work study position because you would not be able to work on or off campus while you are incarcerated.
  • You may have to return any educational funds that Federal Student Aid awarded.

Once your incarceration is over, you may become eligible for federal aid again, but you will probably have to complete an approved drug rehabilitation program and submit to unannounced drug testing for a period of time before Federal Student Aid allows you to apply again.

An advocate for your future

Even after you become eligible to re-apply for aid, the conviction on your record may close doors in the years to come. Depending on the career you anticipated, you may find yourself locked out of many opportunities. Minimizing the consequences of your arrest is the best solution.

There is no doubt that you regret the actions that landed you in this position, especially now that you realize how much is at stake. The task now is to call upon the resources most likely to see you through to a positive end.

Obtaining an attorney who will focus on protecting your freedom and your future is the first step. A law firm with decades of experience will offer innovative strategies for defending you against the charges that could derail your hopes and dreams.

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