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It is often impossible to predict what the future may hold. Your plans for the road ahead might include a college education, which you could already be in the process of obtaining. Perhaps you have already acquired an intern position within your chosen field; the future may be looking brighter every passing day. What happens to these plans if you suddenly find yourself facing criminal charges?

Your recent success might have warranted a celebration with friends, and where there is a college party, chances are, there could be alcohol and drugs. If police show up to this event for any reason and become suspicious of drug activity, you and your piers could wind up in handcuffs, prompting immediate concerns about the potential consequences to your future.

Types and consequences of drug crimes

The potential penalties for drug charges depend on the type of charges an accused individual is facing, along with federal and North Carolina state laws in accordance. Some of the more common categories of drug charges often include the following:

  • Manufacture/cultivation: Those who are involved in the production of an illegal substance face severe penalties, such as a jail sentence and monetary fines, if a conviction is obtained.
  • Drug trafficking/dealing: An individual accused of transporting a substantial amount of illegal drugs could face drug trafficking charges, which carry heavy penalties. While less severe than drug trafficking, charges for dealing drugs can have devastating consequences.
  • Drug possession: If found in possession of an illegal substance, you could face this type of charge, or even possession with intent to distribute if the amount is large enough.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia: Possession of items classified as drug paraphernalia, such as rolling papers and bongs, can also lead to drug charges.

Although drug charges vary in severity, even the lesser ones could potentially put your future on hold, even if only temporarily, and seeking guidance in the initial stages of the process might be in your best interests.

Obtaining guidance

Chances are, you probably consider your future to be extremely important, especially after the endless hours of vigorous work and studying you have likely invested. A criminal record alone could be a hindrance in various areas of life. You might wish to protect yourself by fighting the charges, but the process can be challenging to navigate alone.

You could speak with a defense attorney for advice on making informed decisions throughout this stressful and intimidating process. Through thorough examination of the charges and evidence against you, an attorney can assist you in forming a strong defense strategy, which could prove invaluable to obtaining the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.

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