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Substance abuse issues negatively impact many college students across North Carolina. Because of the impacts that drug addictions and other related issues can have, federal and state governments work to help keep controlled substances out of the hands of individuals who may break the law. In fact, you could face serious federal charges if authorities suspect that you had involvement in certain drug-related crimes.

In particular, drug trafficking charges could have serious consequences if a court convicts you of such allegations. This action is one of the most serious drug crimes addressed under law, and if you face these charges, you will certainly want to gain more information on your situation.

What is a controlled substance?

Because drug trafficking involves the selling, importing and transporting of controlled substances, it is important to understand what constitutes a controlled substance. These drugs are considered controlled because federal and state laws govern their use and distribution. These substances fall into various schedule categories, and some examples of controlled substances include marijuana, cocaine and prescription medications.

How serious is drug trafficking?

As mentioned, drug trafficking is among the most serious of drug-related crimes. While it may seem similar to drug dealing, which is a lesser offense, trafficking typically involves large amounts of a substance or substances and distribution on a large scale. This type of crime also falls into the category of a felony offense. If convicted, you could face consequences ranging from a few years behind bars to life in prison.

When do officers suspect trafficking?

Because trafficking and distribution involve a significant amount of drugs, if authorities find you with substances in quantities that they consider a distributional amount, you could face trafficking or distribution charges instead of simple possession or dealing. Large amounts of cash could also cause officers to suspect you of this type of criminal activity. Of course, even if officers do find substances, cash or other paraphernalia, it does not mean you are automatically guilty of a crime.

How can you handle such charges?

Because drug trafficking allegations are serious, you will need a strong criminal defense to combat these federal charges. Fortunately, you have rights and a variety of options for carrying out this action. If you feel that assistance could help you with this endeavor, you may want to utilize local North Carolina legal resources to gain reliable and applicable information for your particular situation.

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