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When you send your son or daughter to college, you dream of the degree he or she will earn and his or her future contributions to the world, trusting that he or she will make good choices. Yet, in addition to rigorous academic studies, you know college often brings its own share of parties and exploration of newfound freedoms.

After everything you instilled in your child over the years, you hope he or she will be safe. But for many young adults, temptation proves too great. While it is not uncommon for college kids to get into trouble, sometimes their experimentation goes too far, forcing the involvement of law enforcement officials.

Repercussions of drug charges 

Depending upon the circumstances, the amount and type of drugs involved, your son or daughter may be charged with a drug offense which could quickly thwart his or her education. Not only can a trial and/or jail time affect his or her grades and sports participation, but it can also affect federal aid eligibility. Depending upon the type of charges and when they occurred, student aid eligibility may cease.

Even if you have the means to privately fund your child's education, every college or university maintains their own policies for criminal and disciplinary action. A drug conviction may provide the grounds for kicking your child out of school.

If your son or daughter is facing drug charges, a criminal defense attorney may help you understand what options you have for keeping him or her out of jail while continuing classes. In the end, your hopes may turn to a lesson learned, just hopefully not behind bars.

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