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Are radar guns reliable at measuring speed?

If you are like most people, you probably rely on your car every day to get to school, work, the grocery store and back home. While a speeding ticket may not seem like a serious offense, it can have a big impact on the car insurance rates you receive, and it could result in you losing your license if the citation is paired with other driving offenses.

What is auto-brewery syndrome?

For some people, drunk driving can be a more common problem than for others. North Carolina drivers suffering from auto-brewery, or gut fermentation, syndrome can become intoxicated without ever drinking alcohol. It may sound impossible, but this condition has been discovered in extremely rare circumstances and is being studied increasingly as more people realize their bodies may be producing alcohol in their guts.

Will a DWI charge ruin my chance at graduate school?

Looking into your rearview mirror and seeing the flashing red lights of a police officer can make your heart sink. The drawn out process of getting arrested for a DWI will give you plenty of time to consider how this night can affect the rest of your life. Graduate school is an essential step in many young adult's careers and one night's mistake shouldn't have to ruin your future. Unfortunately a DWI can follow you around for a long time so it is important to understand the repercussions and how to better your chances at getting into the graduate school you were looking forward to. The North Carolina justice system does not take DWI's lightly. If you are under 21 then any amount of alcohol in your system while operating a vehicle can result in a DWI. You can get your license suspended for a period of 30 days and then 1 year thereafter. If you are older than 21 then you can get your license suspended for up to a year for the first offense.

Earning a college degree despite a minor in possession

With the advent of the new school year, university and college campuses across North Carolina are humming with activity. For many students, the first interaction with roommates, teachers and course load is exhilarating. Encouraging this sense of euphoria can be the initial light college workload, which doesn't accumulate when students begin attending classes. While this sense of excitement typically pervades the college atmosphere until the first round of midterms, your college children will do best to fill their free time engaging in activities other than doing drugs.

Getting A Second Chance In North Carolina

For many people, a criminal arrest need not result in a conviction or a criminal record. In North Carolina, there are a number of programs for first offenders that can mitigate the worst consequences of an arrest. If you qualify for a first offender program and the court consents, the charge will be deferred while you complete community service and pay a fine. For drug or alcohol crimes, you may also have to complete treatment sessions. If you stay out of trouble during the deferral period and successfully complete what is required of you, the charge will be dismissed. You may even qualify for an expungement.

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