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How a conviction may affect your financial aid in college

It is no secret that a college education can be expensive. Students across the country rely on some form of financial aid, whether it is a loan, a grant or a scholarship. While college can be costly for anyone, students who carry a criminal record and have spent time in jail may have a harder time getting the funding they need, particularly when it comes to federal aid.

If you are a student who has been sentenced to jail in the past, this does not mean that your rights to federal funding have been stripped away, but rather, that your options are limited. Despite any previous convictions, there are still ways you can get federal funding for your education. You may want to take note of your options so that you do not unnecessarily dismiss any opportunities you may not have realized you qualify for:

Are radar guns reliable at measuring speed?

If you are like most people, you probably rely on your car every day to get to school, work, the grocery store and back home. While a speeding ticket may not seem like a serious offense, it can have a big impact on the car insurance rates you receive, and it could result in you losing your license if the citation is paired with other driving offenses.

Many speeding ticket cases rely on evidence from radar guns. Radar guns send radio waves or lasers toward a vehicle and measure the rate those waves or lasers bounce back. They calculate the speed of a vehicle based on the changes in the return signal. If you have been cited for speeding, you may have wondered if the radar gun used to provide the evidence of your alleged speeding is even reliable.

Will a drug charge affect my child's college career?

When you send your son or daughter to college, you dream of the degree he or she will earn and his or her future contributions to the world, trusting that he or she will make good choices. Yet, in addition to rigorous academic studies, you know college often brings its own share of parties and exploration of newfound freedoms.

Busted with drugs that aren't yours?

College students are among the most likely demographics to be arrested for drug possession. Whether it be marijuana, club drugs or substances students abuse for study purposes, they are all illegal and will inevitably land an individual in jail. For the most part, the safest way to keep away from a possession charge is to not have drugs. Sometimes even that is not enough, though.

If police officers find illegal drugs, their primary concern is pinning a possession charge on someone. Unless you have definitive proof that the drugs are not yours, you are likely to be one receiving the charge.

College students may want to look out for roadblocks after games

As a student at North Carolina State, you may have a great sense of school spirit and pride, especially during this time of year with football season well underway. You may attend home games, wear your school colors and do your best to cheer on your team. Of course, you likely also go to the games in order to have a fun time with your friends and other classmates, which may include taking part in a variety of activities.

After the game ends, you likely want to get home as soon as possible. You likely know, however, that traffic will be a nightmare, and police action could contribute to delays. When authorities know that a major event is happening, they may choose to set up roadblocks in order to determine whether drivers have broken the law.

Bluegrass festival weekend: Marijuana is illegal, slow down

As the weather finally starts to cool down in September, Raleigh welcomes a number of festivals. This weekend 100+ bands will perform along Fayetteville street as part of the Wide Open Bluegrass festival. Talent comes from across town and across the globe.

Dancing will go late into the night on Friday and Saturday. While the atmosphere often includes alcohol, it's important to recognize that marijuana and smoking paraphernalia remain unlawful in North Carolina. Traffic citations are more common as well with increased patrols.

Study drugs can put your life out of focus

Just a few weeks into the semester, you may already be realizing how strenuous college life is going to be. Receiving a syllabus on the first day with a list of reading assignments, papers, projects and exams can be overwhelming. Depending on your chosen major, you may have an especially heavy load.

College is not only classes and tests, though. You may also have a job or two, as well as clubs and organizations to join. Whether you are living on or off campus, you will certainly have a social life. All these factors may make it difficult to stay focused enough to keep up with your GPA. However, you may have a solution to that problem.

Drug investigations often result in charges -- and sometimes steep penalties

The police take drug offenses very seriously in North Carolina. And after an arrest and questioning the police may tell you the unexpected--they have been investigating you for more than a year. They have logged data and recordings, met with witnesses and conducted investigations patiently to build a strong case.

This was exactly what led to a recent string of arrests. North Carolina police arrested more than 25 people for drug distribution. The charges were serious and bail was in the tens of thousands. With any drug-related arrest, it is crucial to remain silent. It's easy to want to explain things away, but even seemingly innocent statements can easily be twisted. With incredibly serious penalties on the line, act quickly to get legal advice.

Drugs: Is abuse a problem on your North Carolina college campus?

Whether you're currently navigating your first year on a North Carolina college campus, or have a few successful seasons under your belt already and are nearing the completion of your college education, you've likely overcome various challenges along the way that often plague university students in this state and others. If going to college was your first time being away from your family, you may have been homesick for a while. 

It's no secret that college life often includes social time. You have hopefully found your niche and have established strong friendships with like-minded students who encourage and support you in your studies. There are definite downsides to college life as well, though -- some that may land you in serious legal trouble. One of the biggest problems on many U.S. college campuses is drug abuse. If you're struggling with addiction, you can reach out for support.  

How do drug trafficking charges come about?

Substance abuse issues negatively impact many college students across North Carolina. Because of the impacts that drug addictions and other related issues can have, federal and state governments work to help keep controlled substances out of the hands of individuals who may break the law. In fact, you could face serious federal charges if authorities suspect that you had involvement in certain drug-related crimes.

In particular, drug trafficking charges could have serious consequences if a court convicts you of such allegations. This action is one of the most serious drug crimes addressed under law, and if you face these charges, you will certainly want to gain more information on your situation.

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