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Experienced Advocacy and Communication

Since 1999, Hale Law Firm, PC has defended thousands of people charged with crimes in North Carolina Courts. From traffic tickets to murder charges, Attorney Robert Hale has represented clients charged with every type of crime. From initial investigations to pretrial motions, hearings, trials, appeals and any post-conviction proceedings, he has done it all successfully.

We recognize that communication with our clients and their families is key, and crucially important to achieving positive outcomes.  We strive to be available to keep clients and family members informed about the progress of cases.

Attorney Robert Hale began his legal career at the Office of the Federal Public Defender, E.D.N.C., in 1994, first as a Research and Writing Specialist, then an Assistant Federal Public Defender, representing people charged with federal crimes.  In 1999, he opened his own practice.  Although he no longer accepts court-appointed cases, his service as a public defender taught many lessons and skills, and served as a guide for his later work as a private attorney.

Since 1999, his practice has expanded to include state criminal charges, primarily in Wake County, North Carolina.  Yet, he has continued to represent people and organizations in federal court.

Attorney Robert Hale is known as a zealous advocate and trial lawyer.  He is both a skilled litigator and negotiator, with a broad range of criminal defense experience.  He has long-standing positive relationships with prosecutors and judges in Wake County, North Carolina, and in the federal courts of the Eastern and Middle Districts of North Carolina.

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Robert H. Hale Jr.

What Else Sets Hale Law Firm, PC Apart

  • Our practice is dedicated exclusively to criminal defense.
  • We draw on a wealth of experience in all aspects of criminal defense, and all types of cases.
  • We limit our volume of cases to provide individualized attention and effective communication to clients and their families.
  • We believe in negotiation when it is helpful to achieve good results, but don’t shy from a fight when necessary.
  • In addition to trial and appellate representation, we are also experienced at post-conviction proceedings and parole hearings.
  • We enjoy representing people and organizations before they are charged with any crimes, such as when they receive Target Letters or Grand Jury subpoenas.
  • We always remember the importance of communicating with our clients and their families.

Put our skills to work.  For a well-formed defense against criminal charges in Wake County, NC or in Federal District Court please email or call immediately at 919-891-8995. The first ten minutes of initial consultations are free. Our office is located near N.C. State University on Western Boulevard in Raleigh, North Carolina.