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Vigorous Defense Concerning Child Pornography Allegations

If you are accused of child pornography, it can lead to devastating consequences. Such charges can destroy your personal and professional reputations. Though these cases are initially filed in state court, federal authorities often take charge of them. Federal charges can lead to further repercussions. They can potentially result in the loss of employment, the destruction of your family, the inability to live where you want and incarceration.

As the stakes are so high, you require legal representation that can protect your future and your rights. Attorney Robert Hale Jr. understands the implications of such charges. At Hale Law Firm, PC, he will explore every legal option to reduce or eliminate the consequences of child pornography charges.

Powerful Advocate For Those Charged With Federal Crimes

When investigating sex crime allegations, federal prosecutors have an almost unlimited budget. Their goal is to seek a conviction, and the United States Sentencing Commission guidelines typically recommend mandatory minimum sentencing. Everything is at stake when it comes to accusations of the production, distribution or even accidental possession of child pornography.

False allegations often result in convictions and harsh sentencing. These allegations may arise due to the following:

  • Illegally obtained evidence
  • Entrapment or inducement by a law enforcement agent to download or transmit images
  • The actions of another in downloading child pornography from the Internet on your device and without your permission

As your lawyer, Mr. Hale will provide a robust defense in protecting your liberty, reputation and future. He knows how to discredit law enforcement and witness testimonies through cross-examination. He also understands how to keep illegally obtained evidence out of court.

Providing Experienced And Vigorous Criminal Defense Representation

Since 1994, attorney Hale has dedicated his practice to safeguarding the freedoms and rights of those he represents. He will challenge all charges against you. He is adept at negotiation at both the state and federal levels. Also, as a skilled litigator, he will make every preparation to fight for you in court.

Attorney Hale and his staff commit themselves to safeguarding the rights and freedoms of the firm’s clients. Recognizing the gravity of false accusations, Mr. Hale will provide steadfast representation to challenge the charges against you.

Free And Confidential Consultation With An Experienced Defense Lawyer

The prosecutor’s burden is to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The criminal defense lawyer at Hale Law Firm, PC, in Raleigh, insists on this burden in every case he tries. Contact the firm by calling 919-891-8995.

Attorney Hale and his staff strive for the most favorable resolution. The firm provides representation across North Carolina.